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Armsleigh Park Neighbors

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About Us

This Website has been created and is maintained by neighbors opposed to having historic designation imposed on our neighborhood -- termed "Armsleigh Park" -- in the Tenleytown area of Northwest Washington, D.C.  They may be contacted for more information.
Glenn Williamson, 4407 38th St. NW, 202.364.6966,
McCain McMurray, 4401 38th St. NW, 202.686.6268,
Marc Meadows, 3800 Yuma St. NW, 202.362.2218,
Cindy Snyder & David Wickenden, 3803 Yuma St. NW,
Vita Hollander, 3805 Yuma St. NW, 202.686.9809
Carol & Michael Hillier, 4307 38th St. NW, 202.362.1676,